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Reguard Protection

VIP Protection is a special niche in the field of security requiring greater capabilities than those of a standard protection. Our elite unit of bodyguards is assembled from our finest guards that have the necessary skills required to maintaining the absolute security of VIP. The security guards selected for this type of job are sharp, have excellent perception and are quick to act. A high level of competency is maintained by live monthly training and rigorous training that the most talented of our security guards undergo.

Reguard Training

Our company is comprised of former Israeli and U.S. Military personnel whose passion is to bring their knowledge and experience gained in the field to military personnel, law enforcement and private citizens through training. Our instructors have years of real life experience to draw from while instructing our trainees/students. Our goal is to build this knowledge level in our trainees/students so that they can face a self-defense situation with confidence.



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Reguard Services


VIP Protection

REGUARD guarantee the safety of clients protected under VIP Protection, and the safety of their family, during business ventures, travels and resorts, both temporarily and regularly.


Covert Security

Covert Security is a service that involves spreading a protective network of seasoned professionals around the costumer, whether it is a single person, a group or an organization.


Cyber Security

Cyber security includes controlling physical access to the hardware, as well as protecting against harm that may come via network access, data and code injection.


Group protection in high risk countries

REGUARD will delegate, travel and explore protection options in the high-risk areas, hiring of a professional for security risk management, security and first- aid (paramedic) assistance.


Worldwide home and estate protection

We provide Home and Estate Protection all around the world, a comprehensive, professional service that includes all the optimal solutions available to ensure the safety of you and your home.


Institution & facility Security

Our company will act to enhance liaison with surrounding agents and officials in order to improve response times and integration between various forces during routine and at critical emergencies.