Who we are?

Reguard is known worldwide as a company that provides security services in the highest standards of reliability and expertise. The company specializes in the development and implementation of integrative security solutions for various sectors and environments. Its variety of modular solutions include a wide range of services, those that meet a specific need, large-scale comprehensive services and in addition a great number of training programs.

The Company’s Founders

Reguard's unique security solutions are developed on the basis of extensive knowledge and operational experience accumulated by the founders and by other members of the professional staff of the company as part of their service in senior positions of Israeli special forces, and in carrying out projects in the civilian sector worldwide. Reguard played a major role in the development of the unique and innovative security philosophy, which was designed to fit the characteristics and requirements of the civilian market. We continue to update it regularly in order to meet the existing, emerging and future security needs of the company's clients.

Reguard’s Professional Personnel

Before joining the Company, all members of the professional staff of Reguard have served in different units of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and the Shin Bet (Israeli Security Agency), in the VIP & Delegations Protection Unit, the Embassy Protection Unit, and the Aviation Security Unit. Reguard offers its clients the operational knowledge and experience accumulated by its staff during their service in the aforementioned organization which is renowned for the quality of its performance and serves as an example for security organizations around the world. Members of the company's professional staff actively serve in the military reserve duty on a regular basis, and in this way they remain updated on recent developments, in the area of threats and methods of the enemy and in technological and combat developments.

VIP, Delegations and Event Security Solutions

Security solutions provided by our company ensure preservation of a high level of security continuously. The solutions integrate into the client's activity and in case of VIP’s, into the client’s lifestyle becoming part of their daily routine without burdening or restricting them. Reguard also provides security guards to events attended by VIP’s in a manner that ensures the desired level of security without standing out and overshadowing the routine of the event. Among our clients in the field of VIP protection are public, private and government organizations; large international companies and corporations; well known public figures and business executives across five continents.

Paul Mickael Cohen
Avraham Ohayon
Paul Mickael Cohen Co-Founder Avraham Ohayon Co-Founder